Wait a minute! This isn’t a beer! Well, that’s true, but Gingeroo is as Louisiana a beverage can be. Gingeroo is a bottled ginger cocktail from Celebration Distillation in New Orleans.

I love ginger and more specifically ginger ale. Not the everyday Schweppes or Canada Dry ginger ales. I’m talking about the real, punch you in the face, only take two sips then need to take a minute real strong ginger ale.

That’s why I love Gingeroo. It’s made with Celebration’s Old New Orleans Crystal Rum. This rum is made from real Louisiana Sugar Cane. Gingeroo combines this with pressed fresh ginger and cayenne pepper for a refreshing, smack you in the mouth, ginger cocktail. It also list’s sparking Cane Juice as an ingredient. I’m not sure if this is clever marketing for sugar water or a totally new invention, but it sure does sound good.

Surprisingly, this is a very easy to drink cocktail. The alcohol is at 10% (So, 20 proof) so it won’t change your weekend plans if you have one. While you are hit upfront with strong ginger, the flavors mellow once they hit the back of your mouth. The cayenne is just enough to let you know it’s there, but not so much as to require a chaser of milk to clear the hot from your mouth. I found it to be exceptionally refreshing.

Finally, when you are done with your Gingeroo, you can wash out the cool, resealable bottle and give it to the kids, as mine definitely used it to hide messages in for pirate adventures.

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