My Paw Paw eats his crackins (which is deep fried pork belly for those of you not in the South) the old fashioned way, covered in Steen’s Cane Syrup with a glass of cold milk. When putting together this recipe, we wanted to do something different than our usual pepper jelly glazes. Going a bit old school and leaning heavily on some amazing local ingredients has elevated an already tasty barbecue appetizer into a true Cajun delight.

This recipe is SUPER easy and it tastes great because there is literally not one healthy component. The end result is a sweet, sticky, savory bite that has a little crunch on the outside before melting in your mouth like a little bit of smoky heaven


3 lbs of pork belly cut into inch and a half to 2 inch cubes

Your favorite Rub (We are using Frog Bone’s rub.)

1 ½ Cup of Your favorite BBQ Sauce (We are using Frog Bone’s sauce)

1 Cup Steen’s Cane Syrup (Accept no substitutes)

½ Cup Louisiana Honey (We are using Louisiana Gold)

½ Bottle of Cola (We are using Swamp Pop Noble Cane Cola)

Olive Oil (We always use the Jalapeno Garlic from Red Stick Spice)

2 sticks of Butter. (Yep…2 sticks)


Season your belly. Give the cubes a light coat of olive oil then a very generous coating of rub. Mix very well to ensure all pieces are coated.


Smoke your belly(method here). Space the belly out so that all of the sides of cubes are exposed. These are smoked at about 225 for 2 hours.


Make the Sauce. Use a thinner sauce for this recipe if you aren’t using Frog Bone’s sauce. Combine the barbecue sauce, Steen’s, Honey, and Cola is a heavy sauce pan or pot and reduce. Be careful. Steen’s Syrup tends to bubble up (you can see in the picture, on the sides of my pot, that this definitely happened to us).

We use honey to mellow the flavors and cola to thin the glaze. You don’t want the only flavor on your burnt ends to be Steen’s. There needs to be balance.


Sauce your Belly. Remove the pork belly cubes from the pit (after 2 hours, remember). Place them in a foil pan and cover them in the glaze. Cut your butter into squares and place them on top of the glazed belly.


Back on the pit. Cover the mixture with foil and return it to the pit for another hour and half, still at 225.


Uncover your belly. After the hour and half passes, remove the foil and cook for another 30 minutes to cook out the excess liquid and firm up the burnt ends.


Eat your belly. If you don’t want folks sticking their hands all over your food, place toothpicks in the burnt ends. This is also quiet courteous as these are very sticky! Enjoy!

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