About the Brewery – Urban South Brewing Company is another fantastic New Orleans brewery. This brewery has a focus on European style brewing. The brewers here have put together a diverse and unique selection of beer. I have yet to try a beer by this brewery that I did not wind up recommending.  

About the Beer – Urban South’s Who Dat is a Golden Ale and it is everything you want in a tailgating beer. Its not too sweet and not too bitter. It’s very refreshing and doesn’t contain a bunch of exotic add-ins making it accessible to everyone.

The color is perfectly clear and beautifully golden. It is as close to Saints Gold as you are going to get without adding a bunch of dyes. This beer has a bready spicy smell.

Of all the great qualities of this beer, smoothness would be the one it nails best. There is next to no aftertaste. The initial taste is bready sweetness that is quickly balanced out by the citra hops. This is not a gimmicky beer. This is beer-drinkers beer. It is well balanced, full of traditional beer flavor and is one of the easiest drinking beers that I have tried.

You may try this one because you are fan of the Saints, but you will keep drinking it because it stands on its own. Its another hit from Urban South.

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