This recipe was introduced to us by my father, the man the kids call “Pop Pop”. We have seen several variations of this recipe, in fact I’m pretty sure there is one on the bag of Scoops Chips. We decided to give it the Bayou BBQ and Brew treatment and jazz it up at bit. We are using pulled pork and 2 Sisters Jalapeno Salsa for a crunchy treat that will liven up your next tailgate.

This is one is quick and easy and great use of your left over pulled pork.


1 lbs of pulled pork (RECIPE HERE)

1 Cup 2 Sisters Jalapeño Salsa

1 Cup Sharp Cheddar cheese

1 Bag of Scoops Chips

1 Cup Sour Cream

Sriracha (Or Rooster Sauce as Pop Pop calls it)

Chopped Green Onions (for being fancy)

Step 1

Combine the Pork, Salsa, and Cheese. Stir it with your big honking spoon. Yep, that is. The pork we are using was warm from the pit, but if you are using leftover pulled pork you can reheat it in a pot or in the oven…or the microwave….but seriously….don’t microwave BBQ.

Step 2

Lay out about thirty Scoops chips, cup side up. Fill with the pork mixture. Be generous but try not to overfill.

Step 3

Bake in the oven. Whoa. What? Did we just tell you to use the oven instead of the pit? Yes we did. We are blasting these at 400 degrees for 3 to 5 minutes. This firms up the mixture and dries any excess moisture. It keeps the bites crispy while on a serving tray.

Step 4

Create a high-tech specialized tool. We use the Sour Cream Distributor 5000 to top these bites with sour cream. To acquire this device simply fill a freezer bag with sour cream and cut off a corner. BAM! Sour Cream Distributor 5000.

Step 5

Time for Toppings. Pipe a small amount of sour cream on each filled chip. Then, go back around and place 1 dot of Sriracha on the sour cream. Finally toss a handful of green onions over the whole operation.

PRO TIP – We have never made so many of these that there were leftovers. No matter how many you think you need, it won’t be enough.

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