About the Brewery – Urban South Brewing Company is another fantastic New Orleans brewery. This brewery has a focus on European style brewing. The brewers here have put together a diverse and unique selection of beer. The both beers that I have tried from them have both been excellent. I am really excited to try more.

About the Beer – I have said it before, I like weird beer. But even I am guilty of judging a beer before I try it. I used to pass Urban South’s Lime Cucumber Gose in the various beer caves that I frequent and joke that no one in their right mind would ever take it home. I’m not a huge fan of Gose and I don’t particularly love cucumber. But,as I said, I like weird beer. So, when Rouses put it on sale, I grabbed some thinking that after I tried it I could pass it around to my buddies as a gag.

I was so very wrong about this beer. I was shocked at how much I liked it.  My wife likes this beer, and she hates beer. Seriously, she hates Parish’s Bloom and NOLA’s Tangerine Wheat, which is just unfathomable to me, but she likes the Lime Cucumber Gose.

This is a very pale, yellow beer, which considering the ingredients is not surprising. It smells like cucumber and a hint of lime.

I am trying not to get too dramatic here, but with its low ABV (4%) I could drink this beer all day, literally all day. The salty, limey flavors are so refreshing but the cucumber is the star of the show here. Gose’s are a tart sour beer and the cucumber really balances these flavors and keeps them from being overpowering. The finish is all cucumber and so very clean.

This is among my top 5 hot weather beers at this point.  It’s one of those rare beers that is a legitimate thirst quencher. Who would have thought?

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