About the Brewery: The Parish Brewing Company is located in my home town of Broussard, Louisiana. I will admit to some bias toward this brewery. I love just about every beer that they make. Their beers are well crafted and well balanced. You can’t go wrong with any of their brews.

About the Beer: Parish brewing knows their way around an IPA. Their Bloom and Ghost in the Machine IPA’s are among my absolute favorites. When making most IPA’s the Citra hops used creates that signature piney – grapefruity taste. The unique thing about Pure Tropics is the addition of tropical fruit on top of those flavors.

This beer has a rich golden haze. It smells, not surprisingly, like tropical fruit. In addition to the citrusy, spiciness of the hops there is the sweet smell of pineapple and that almost indefinable mango-guava-papaya “tropical” smell. It makes the beer especially inviting.

The flavors work very well together. The first and last flavors in your mouth are sunny tropical fruits. It gives this beer a pleasant refreshing taste that encourages you to take another sip. Those bitter piney flavors are still there as is the citrus, but they are subdued enough to let the tropical flavors shine. This is not a bitter hop bomb. It’s a very pleasant enjoyable beer

This weekend I had eight of these in a cooler while a few of us did yardwork in the dang near 100 degree heat. They did not last long.

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