You may be surprised to find a recipe on our site that you can serve to your vegetarian and vegan friends, but we absolutely love salsa here. We love anything we can dip a chip into. This salsa is so healthy that we are probably going to put out a meat and cheese dip later just to balance the scales (ba-dum-tss).

The Hatch Chilies bring only a small amount of heat. We normally like to kick up the spice with a few fresh diced Jalapeños, but the kiddos were the primary audience of this batch.

This recipe makes A LOT of Salsa. Almost a full gallon. Be sure you make a plan for storing it.


9 Large Vine Ripened Tomatoes (Try to use meatier varieties)

8 Hatch Chilies (Seeded and Split in half)

5 Heads of Garlic

6 Ears of Corn

2 Colossal Yellow Onions (the bigger the better)

2 Vidalia Sweet Onions (white onions are Ok too)

3 Cups of de-stemmed Fresh Cilantro

5 Limes

Salt (about ¼ cup, but more can be added to taste)

Olive Oil

Smoking the Garlic

There is actually more grilling than smoking in this recipe. All of the smoky flavors come from smoking heads of garlic. We don’t want to overpower the great flavors here with excessive smoke.

Step One

Prepare the Garlic. Remove the tops from your garlic. This allows for easier peeling and deeper smoke penetration.

Step Two 

Place the heads on a piece of foil and coat them lightly in the olive oil. Place these in on your smoker (Smoking Method Here) at 225.

Step Three 

Remove the Garlic after 2 ½ hours and allow to cool. Then squeeze each clove to easily remove them from the skin. Set them aside to cool.

Grilling the Veggies

This can be done while the garlic smokes. Each of the four veggies we are grilling require different amounts of time (Grilling Method Here). We recommend doing them in batches to maintain the ease of the cook. If you want to throw them all on at once, be prepared to juggle.

Step Four

Grill the Hatch Chilies. These cook very fast, not more than about 3 minutes per side. Start them skin side down over a high heat. The goal is to blister the skins. Our pit master here had no trouble with them. Don’t worry about a bit of char, that’s typical and we are going to take care of it before it goes in to the salsa.

Step Five

Grill to Colossal Onions (NOT THE VIDALIA ONIONS). The biggest challenge here is grilling them evenly. I like to cut them into ½ inch disks, but any shape is fine. They are going in the blender so they don’t need to be pretty. When you flip them, you may lose the outer ring. Just move those to the side and keep going. Throw out any truly black pieces.

Step Six

Cut FIVE (and only FIVE) of the tomatoes in half to grill. These should also be placed on the grill skin side down. The skin will blister and blacken, that is Ok. Cover the grill and cook them until they are soft. Don’t worry about the char.

Step Seven

Grill the Corn. Lightly coat the corn in olive oil. We are not making street corn here. We want to LIGHTLY grill the corn. Keep them moving and turning on the pit to cook them evenly. You should only have a few black kernels.

The Crunchy Part

A good salsa needs a bit of texture and crunch.

Step Eight

Dice the four remaining tomatoes and the two Vidalia Onions. Cut the grilled corn kernels off of the cob and combine in large bowl. Set this aside.

The Juicy Part

We recommend a good blender for this step. We are using a Vitamix, but since everything were are blending is already soft, you don’t need anything that high falutin’.

Step Nine

Remove the charred skin from the grilled tomatoes and hatch chilies. Do this by soaking them in ice water for about 5 minutes. This causes the skin to blister and come away from the rest of the fruit, making it very easy to peel.

Step Ten

So Many Steps! Blend together the grilled onions, smoked garlic, and grilled and peeled tomatoes and Hatch Chilies.

Making Salsa  

Step Eleven

Combine the Crunchy Part and the Juicy Part. Just mix them together with a big honking spoon. Seriously, we are on step ELEVEN…for dip…

Step 463

Find a helper with large muscles and an iron will to squeeze all five limes into the mixture.

Step 5,215

Add the cilantro and the salt and stir with the honking spoon. Add more salt to taste, but err on the side of caution.

Step 3,986,521,001

Dip Some Chips!  

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