At Bayou BBQ and Brew we are dedicated to drinking beer while playing with fire.

We are going to fire up the pits and show you a modern step by step approach to barbecuing and smoking the true southern way on the most common kettles and smokers.

Tending the fire is thirsty work and best done with a cold brew in hand. Lucky for us some of the finest small craft breweries in the world are in the south. The burden of trying as many of their fine beers as possible is one that we are willing to shoulder.

We are a community committed to producing the best barbecue we can. If you have a tip, share it. If you have a question, ask it. And if you have a new beer to try then by Odin’s beard you let us know about it.

Welcome to Bayou BBQ and Brew. The pits are hot, the beer is cold, and everyone is glad you’re here.